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By OmniSoft Systems, Inc.

gOmniTracker is a location tracking system that provides a real-time tracking and monitoring solution of GPS devices. gOmniTracker tracks and monitors personal mobile devices such as SmartPhones in most common platforms such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.

gOmniTracker also tracks and monitors large collection of GPS devices mounted on vehicles, trucks, motor-cycles, bicycles, planes, pets, and assets. gOmniTracker is a location tracking solution that keeps tracking of the members of your family, friends, or team members, while your are on-the-go, or from your computer desktop. It display your devices on the map, and retrieve the location history of your devices for any particular time-frame. gOmniTracker notifies you, by email or text message, when a device crosses a certain area (aka geofence), or enter the boundary of a red zone. It allows you to configure your teenager device to alarm you when he/she is over-speeding on the high-way. gOmniTracker can share your location with your friends, who belong to a different account, and control your location visibility to friends at any time.

gOmniTracker can bookmark your favorite locations, and helps you find your way back to them. It provides versatile search functionality of common and street addresses, businesses, and landmark categories. It can also find directions relative to your current or other location. gOmniTracker is available on most mobile platforms. You need to register with gOmniTracker to get an account, and registration is quite easy right form your computer or mobile device. Once obtained, you can use your account to activate all the devices you need to monitor. You can also register from here


The following are the main highlights and services provided by gOmniTracker:

  • Available in most common mobile platforms: Android, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile.
  • Available to a large collection of GPS devices used to track vehicles, motorcycles, pets, and assets.
  • Locate all your activated devices and display them on the map of your mobile application or they can be accessed online through your desktop.
  • Keep track of any device history tagged with proper latitude, longitude, and geo address
  • Real-time tracking of any activated device.
  • Remotely control device tracking behavior by changing refresh rates, and travelled distance.
  • Bookmark your POI (Point of Interest) and let you manage and use them through your searches.
  • Get real-time traffic near a device, POI, or any other location. (Available only in US regions)
  • Locate your lost or misplaced device (as long your battery last)
  • Alert you through email, text message, or both, when a device is out of its designated geofence, or within its red-zone.
  • Assist you with different type and versatile search functionality.
  • Bookmark your current location (car, hotel, new work, etc), and route you back to them.
  • Using covert agent mode (available only for certain device platforms)
  • Upload your photo, and update your status with what you are currently doing.
  • Share your location with your friends, and control your location visibility to friends.
  • All devices can be monitored and displayed on either the map or in tabular forms. Each device is identified with its symbol on the map, and location is being refreshed according to the preferred settings.
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