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gOmniTracker is a unique location tracking and monitoring solution. It offers mobile applications on your mobile device to track or monitor your team, friends, or family members. It also offers a wide range of tracking and monitoring GPS devices mounted on your vehicles, buses, trucks, motorcycles, pets, or assets. It also offers a Web application with similar functionality on the desktop for monitoring purposes. Tracking and monitoring functionality is integrated seamlessly with other mobile device features in delivering expanded functionality relevant to location based services. gOmniTracker helps you to bookmark favorite locations, route a device to a specific address, or send an SMS to another device.

There are two modes of the mobile applications being used: gOmniAgent and gOmniTracker. The gOmniAgent mobile application is a location tracking application, which runs in the background on your smart-phone, and is not visible to the user. Its primary purpose is device tracking functionality. The gOmniTracker application, on the other hand, is used for monitoring by using the map, and other phone resources. The gOmniAgent application requires a GPS phone, and to be connected to the internet (for example through a data plan).

gOmniTracker is a subscription based service, that keeps track of device location information in a central database, and then deliver it to the requesting devices. Users register with gOmniTracker first to obtain a new account. Each device required to be monitored, needs to be activated using the same account, in order to be be tracked with gOmniTracker. Each device is required to download the proper mobile application compatible with its mobile platform, before being activated.

Depending on your subscription type, you will be able to track a device history, and apply your queries with different criteria. You can check a device location on certain date and time, or you can review all the time, and location, where a device reached certain over-speed limit. You can also check when and where a device crosses a certain zone boundary.

gOmniTracker provides you with these benefits

  • Keep track of your beloved ones, dependents, and team member
  • Knowing where was your family member last night
  • Notify you when your son leaves his school, home, or work zone.
  • Alerts you when your husband landed into Las Vegas (if you mark it as a red zone for his device)
  • Find your lost or misplaced device
  • Find your car in a parking lot, or your new hotel during your trip.
  • Your location information never get lost even during out-of-coverage time.

Register or sign up for an account

Before using gOmniTracker, you need to sign up for an account. Once you register as a user, you will receive an email with your account information. With your account information, you will be able to activate all your devices.

Activate a device

In order to activate a device, you need to have an account (see Sign up for an account above). Once you download your proper mobile application compatible with your mobile platform, you can activate you device by populating the Setting screen of your application with the required information, and save it to the server.

Download mobile application

Depending on your mobile platform, you need to download the appropriate mobile application from the designated distribution channel of the device. For example, you can download the iPhone platform version from Apple AppStore, and for the Android platform version from the Android Market. You can also download all other platforms from your mobile browser, by pointing to gOmniTracker.com. Once you download the mobile application from the device, you can then activate the device (see Sign up for a new account, and Activate a device above).

Turn on your GPS service from the phone

Before using the gOmniTracker mobile application, make sure that you turn on, or give permission to, the GPS service on the device. The GPS service is usually part of the device setting. Check your device for appropriate setting configurations.


By default, gOmniTracker displays on the map all the activated mobile devices. Each device is displayed using its phone number, and person name using it. When you display the devices using the main menu, devices will be listed in tabular form. Once a device is selected from the list, then using the menu you can also display the device on the map, display the history of the device, show the device details, send a text message (SMS), or make a phone call to that device. You can also track the device in real time as displayed on the map. You can find directions to/from the device to any location, favorite place, or other devices. You also can display current traffic incidents, or current weather conditions at the vicinity of a device.

Device History

gOmniTracker keeps track of all history events of each activated device. You can request to display the history of each device for a particular date. The events will be displayed on the map with an icon depicting its direction. They are also listed in a chronological order with other information such as speed (or over-speed), status, and street address locations. History is only available for limited time-span. You can display the details of each event as well, and can get directions from/to any locations.


gOmniTracker allows you to share your location with friends, who are using different account. Friends relationship is only valid for two devices from two different accounts. There is no limit for sharing your location with any friend. You can control your visibility to one or all of your friends, or you can remove any of the friend-relationship at any time. You can invite friends directly from your address list, or type in a phone number, then click Send. If your country or SMS provider is not in the list, you need to specify the full SMS address in the Full SMS field.


gOmniTracker provides versatile searching capabilities. It can search for a street address, business location by category, common name, street intersection, or using the latitude, longitude. It also provides quick searches for emergency places such as local police stations, medical care, car services, and the like. gOmniTracker provides searches for directions from/to any address, location (including current location), a device, or a favorite place. For convenience, you also can recall the search history, or you can use the last results of your searches.

Application Settings

gOmniTracker can be customized with different settings. For example, GPS can be configured to report its location based on the refresh rate, and the updated distance bet fixes. Maps can be configured by the preferred provider, and zoom level. You can also turn on/off Web tracking of your own device. Most important that you can setup your account that allows you to activate and operate the device. Both gOmniAgent and gOmniTracker are avaialbe on most common locale and languages, and it will use the default language of the device.

Favorite Places

For convenience, you can bookmark any point on the map, after getting search results, or after dropping a pin, to save the location as a favorite place. You can also edit the name, phone, and address of such favorite place, or you can delete it from the list. Favorite places can be great help to assist you find your car in a parking lot, or find quick route back home.

Special Considerations

Location Accuracy

Location accuracy depends on the location service you are using in the phone. GPS Location service is the most accurate and it delivers location within 10 meter accuracy. Network Location service can deliver locations within 0.5 - 1.5 miles accuracy. GPS Location service consumes more power, and it has major impact on the phone battery life.

Battery life

Battery life is affected by the phone usage, screen power, and other factors, such as GPS. The main impact on battery is turning the screen ON all the time.

Weather Service

The weather service is available around the globe, in most common locale and languages. The main source of the weather condition and forecast is based on data from the Iowa Environmental Mesonet (IEM) Radar service. It provides the current conditions, including the temperature, wind, and humidity forecasts.

Traffic Condition

Traffic condition is available world-wide. The main source of the traffic map data is based on Google. The traffic condition is displayed as a separate layer on the map.

Legal Policy

Here at OmniSoft Systems, we respect your privacy. gOmniTracker stores GPS data captured from all devices at its remote site. We will not lend, sell or otherwise make available, your personal information without your permission, unless required by law, subpoenas, warrant, or court order. The GPS data is stored in our server and may be reviewed by us for troubleshooting or support purpose. The history data are deleted automatically from the system based on the age of the data.

Personal Tracking
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