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gOmniTracker is a location tracking and monitoring solution that keeping track of your mobile devices while your are on-the-go, or online from your desktop. It provides services to locate your designated devices, and displays the history of any device locations for a certain time frame. gOmniTracker can bookmark your favorite locations, and helps you route any device to any of other devices or favorites at any time. gOmniTracker also provides versatile search functionality of addresses, businesses, pre-defined categories, or directions relative to current location (found by GPS), map center, or device location. You can easily send a text message (SMS), or call other devices at any time. gOmniTracker will be available in most common languages and locale.

gOmniTracker not only can be used to track family and friends, but it also can track group of people working together, such as sales team, or delivery service team. gOmniTracker provides you different types of tracking modes:

  • Personal Tracking Mode
  • Vehicle & Truck Tracking Mode
  • Boat & Ship Tracking Mode
  • Bicycle & Motorcycle Tracking Mode
  • Plane and Helicopter Tracking Mode
  • Pet Tracking Mode
  • Asset Tracking Mode
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