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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. How do I add a new mobile device, so I can track it?

A. Based on the tracking mode, you need to add a new device from either the gOmniTracker Web application or the gOmniTrcaker mobile application. In Personal tracking mode, just download and install the gOmniAgent for the device platform. You can access the Android platform from the Google Play, and the iPhone from Apple AppStore. You can access other platforms from gOmniTracker.com, by pointing to the site from the device mobile browser, and click on the Downloads link. One installed, you need to activate the device from the Setting screen, and enter all the relevant information. Once the new device is activated, it will be automatically available in your device list, or you can track from gOmniTracker.com by click on Login.

Other tracking modes, such as Vehicle or Pet tracking, you need to add a new device and then setup the GPS tracker using IP-Address: and the port assign to the device type. Please choose the appropriate port for your device from Devices

Q2. My location shows that I'm at the West Coast of Africa, when I'm in Kelso, WA?

A. During your device activation, if your device GPS has no valid location then the location point (Latitude, Longitude) would be (0,0), which is a real location near the West Coast of Africa. Once you start moving with your device, and it gets a valid GPS location (fix), then the device location will be updated with the correct values.

Q3. My gOomniAgent application icon is still visible. I thought that it wouldn't show with all of my other installed apps.

A. Unfortunately, some application platforms enforce the policy that all applications must have an icon, even the application is designed to avoid that. This is not the case with the Android and Windows Mobile platforms, for example.

Q4. Is it possible that I can run both gOmniAgent and gOmniTracker on the same device.

A. Yes. The trick is that they must have different device numbers. For example if you activate gOmniTracker with 5551234, then you need to activate the gOmniAgent with 55512340, by adding a fictitious "number" at the end.

Q5. I was wondering if I can have the gOmniAgent and gOmniTracker running on both my Motorola Droids. One tracking the other and vice versa?

A. Please see the answer for Q4 above.

Q6. Does the gOmniAgent application need to be installed on the child's phone or on the parent's phone or both?

A. The gOmniAgent is a tracking device, and must be installed on any smart-phone needs to be tracked. The gOmniTrcaker application is a monitoring application, and it should be installed and activated by the parent(s), or the account holder. When there is a new version of the gOmniAgent, the parent (account holder) will be notified by email only.

Q7. The gOmniTracker iPhone version takes a long time 3-5 minutes to get the current location after startup. Is this normal?

A. Its usually takes about 2 minutes for the first valid fix. This is known as satellite warm-up period.

Q8. I download the gOmniAgent on my Balckberry, and it throw an exception.

A. Make sure that your device supports Blackberry 10 platform, and you grant "Allow" permissions to the application to use GPS services.

Q9. Does gOmniTracker supports touch screen mobile devices?

A. gOmniTracker supports touch screen devices for all platforms, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.

Q10. How gOomniAgent works?

A. gOmniAgent runs in the background of the device, and started automatically when the phone is powered up. On some platforms, it does not have an application icon, and it usually has a home screen, where a Setting screen is available.

Q11. When accessing the gOmniTracker.com from my computer, I can't download any application.

A. The application download page is only accessible from the device mobile browser. It's not accessible from the desktop.

Q12. How to make sure that I am using the latest version of the applications.

A. Make sure that you download the mobile application from the proper distribution channel or from gOmniTracker.com. Check the application version before and after upgrade. Sometime you need to activate the device once more. When you at the login page of the Web Application, try to refresh the browser to gain access to the latest version, which is displayed under the gOmniTracker logo.

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